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Ways to Use SaveOr

SaveOr has many use cases and ways to help families and their surrounding communities. 

SaveOr Downsize 

SaveOr Downsize is a way to manage your home as you transition to a new home or sell a second home to consolidate your living situation. 

Using SaveOr, you can add items and source interest from family members all over the world to see what they would like to have in their home. 

From your collegiate desk lamp from your alma mater with a high emotional value to your grandson who is a recent alumnus, to a set of knives great for your Granddaughter who bought her first home, there are many ways to give your items a second story!

Give your stuff a valuable second use with SaveOr Downsize. 

SaveOr Donate 

SaveOr Donate is a way you can give back to others and your community using SaveOr. 

Using SaveOr's Invitee feedback feature, you can see what your children really want to keep. 

SaveOr Donate encourages you to correctly give away the things your children don't want in your downsizing or in your will so you can make another family very happy, while reducing waste at the same time. 

To use SaveOr Donate, choose "Donate" as the recipient of an item at any time during the item editing or adding process. 

Give back to the circular economy with SaveOr Donate. 

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