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Reviewing Legal Agreement


Assist Your Clients and Save Yourself Time

Provide differentiated services to your clients by giving them access to SaveOr. Allow your clients to independently make decisions on the tangible personal property in their estate using SaveOr. Have your clients use our software to save yourself time and effort by giving them the tools to create their own personal property memorandum. Eliminate arguments between siblings and foster a positive legacy after a family faces a loss by having the family start a dialogue. Prevent fights between siblings by letting their interest in items be heard. 

We help you help your clients with this difficult process, and all you have to do is add a reference to their personal property memorandum using SaveOr on their will. 

If you think that SaveOr can provide value to your firm and your clients, please get in touch by filling out the form below!

Save yourself Work

Save Yourself Hours working on this process with your clients.

Advertise your services to generations

Become a household name to the family by using this service.

Legally Binding

In over 27 states, the clients work in SaveOr can become a legally binding Personal Property Memorandum. 

Reduce Animosity among siblings 

Create feelings of fairness, knowing the whole family's interest was taken into account. 

Let’s Work Together

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