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How to Use SaveOr

SaveOr is an easy way for you to document your favorite belongings around your house and ensure they are properly transferred to your next generation

Setting Your Framework

Invite Your Family

Use the People page to send email invitations to your family so they can share their interest in your items and become recipients of your property in your estate plans 

Input Your Rooms

Use the "Edit E-State Outlines" Button to add a new Room, Location, or Property Owner or manage current outlines.

Select the Datapoints that are Important to You

Use the "Set E-State Attributes" button to choose which data points are important to in telling stories about your things and managing your Estate.

Now you are ready to start documenting!

Once you have set up your Framework

Go through your house and take photos of your favorite things around your home. 

Once you have taken some photos, take a seat to tell your stories and share details about your things on the app. You add the item's name, image, add a description, and then designate the item to a specific person or share the item to the Showroom so that the invited family can share their interest in the item. 

SaveOr empowers you to add as little or as much information as your things as you choose, including location, room, emotional value, voice messages, videos, files, dates of acquisition, and economic value.

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