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For Children and future heirs


Save the trouble and cost of a storage unit

We understand that there are many complex situations involved in the inheritance of your parents things.

From competition between siblings to not wanting anything your parents may have, SaveOr is here to help manage the process.  

By having your parents use SaveOr, no longer will you have to worry about buying a storage unit out of guilt for the items that your parents will give to you, or that your parents' passing will cause a fight between you and your siblings.

Invitee Mode

By being an invitee, you can give honest and thoughtful feedback virtually on whether or not you want your parents' items. We have found that doing this virtually makes it easier to be honest about whether or not you want their things. 

Whether you are a member of a large family with expected competition over items or an only child who does not want to inherit a burden, having your parents use SaveOr will allow you to have a result from your parents' estate plans. 

Using SaveOr can save you hundreds a month on a storage unit by planning ahead instead of waiting to determine what you are going to do with your parents' things after they pass away.


Plan before and save on a storage unit by making a plan you won’t feel guilty about later.

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