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How to Honestly Share Your Interest in Your Parents' Belongings

In the consumerist society of America, it is expected that the loss of a parent leads to a large challenge in determining what to do with their stuff. By having these conversations while they work on their estate plans long before they pass away, you can save yourself emotional challenges and the burden of moving and deciding which things to keep later in life. Commonly, not planning leads to months of paying for a storage unit to store the goods that a child expected their parent to want them to have. These expectations are commonly incorrect and expensive.

In families with many siblings, this process can get extremely competitive, as siblings can argue over who gets what personal belongings, leading to arguments between siblings. By making a plan beforehand, you can ensure that everyone can feel like the process is fair and everyone's voice is heard.

To share your interest, simply asking a question to initiate the conversation is the best way to do this. It is too easy not to do anything, which leads to a worse outcome. By being honest and forthright about your feelings about your parents' things, no guilt will arise later over feeling like you made an incorrect decision by giving stuff away or keeping too much.

Simply ask questions like, "Mom, what would you like me to keep to remember you?" which will get the ball rolling for a fruitful conversation. Other good questions include, "Dad, who do you want this painting to go to when you pass away," and "Mom and dad what do you plan to do with the furniture when you downsize."

In large families, it is important to pick the right time to have this conversation. Make sure siblings are all together so no one feels left out and excluded, which can lead to years of bitterness and distrust. By getting everyone together, your parents can know who wants what and make their own plan using their best judgment on items where there is contention between siblings.

A better way to automate this process is by using our software platform. SaveOr was meant to help you save the cost of that storage unit by having all of those questions asked virtually, where there are fewer emotional worries about being honest and possibly hurting your parents' feelings. Your parents will be able to see what you are interested in or not interested in and make decisions accordingly on where their items should go. Download SaveOr today to see for yourself how SaveOr can make a difficult life event easier.


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