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SaveOr Success Story

Dan had a difficult experience when his grandmother passed away. The family was left to sort through her personal belongings, including a set of fine china that had been passed down for generations. Each family member wanted the china, and no one could agree on who should have it. The situation quickly escalated into a fight, and the family was unable to come to a resolution. In the end, the china was sold at an estate sale, and the family was left with hurt feelings and a sense of loss.

When Dan's Wife Emily's mother began to think about what would happen to her own personal belongings after she passed away, she was reminded of the fight over the fine china in Dan's family. She knew that she didn't want her own family to experience a similar situation, especially over items that held sentimental value.

That's when she turned to SaveOr to help document her personal property and create a plan for what would happen to her belongings after she was gone. She took detailed photos of her belongings, including the painting of the beach that had been in her family for generations. She also wrote descriptions of each item, including the history and sentimental value of each piece.

The painting of the beach was particularly special to her. It depicted a peaceful scene with waves gently crashing onto the shore. The brushstrokes were smooth and fluid, capturing the movement of the water in a way that made it seem almost lifelike. The colors used were soft and muted, with shades of blue and green dominating the palette. She knew that both of her daughters would want the painting, but she also knew that only one of them could inherit it.

Using SaveOr, she was able to create a clear plan for what would happen to the painting and all of her other belongings. She assigned beneficiaries for each item, including the painting of the beach. She named Emily as the beneficiary for the painting, knowing how much it meant to her. Samantha had been assigned other items that held special meaning to her.

When their mother passed away, Samantha and Emily were able to access the SaveOr account and see the plan their mother had put in place. They were both relieved to see that their mother had already thought about what would happen to her belongings, and they were grateful for the clear plan that had been created.

Thanks to SaveOr, Samantha and Emily were able to avoid a fight over the painting of the beach. They were both in agreement with the plan that their mother had created, and they knew that it was what she would have wanted. Emily inherited the painting, and she hung it in her living room, where she could admire it every day.

In the end, Emily's mother learned a lot from Dan's family's experience and how she could use SaveOr. The platform allowed her to honor her wishes, avoid a fight, and preserve the sentimental value of the painting of the beach for future generations to enjoy.


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